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Hi, I’m Corina! I’ve always had a love of nature and saving the planet. Although I grew up doing many “green” things, I officially started my low waste journey during my last semester of college in 2017.

I love low waste living because you don’t necessarily need money or to live somewhere specific to make even just a handful of changes that have meaningful impacts. I’m nowhere near perfection, but I try every day to make better choices with the resources I have.

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When I first started reading and watching everything I could get my hands on about zero waste and low waste, I noticed a disconnect between the blog posts/Instagram pics and what was happening in the real world. Blogs mentioned the climate crisis, but they mostly expected you to do your own research and were filled with posts about individual actions readers could take.

I created A Sustainable Sole to spread my knowledge about green living and to merge the trendy world of zero waste living and minimalism with informative posts on climate change, science, green tech, and politics.

I wanted to create one place where you can learn how to be more sustainable, stay up to date with world events and environmental news, and discover how to get involved beyond that reusable straw.

Sustainable living has two facets that need to work together: individual action and systemic change. A Sustainable Sole caters to both. It is a guide to teach you how to reduce your personal carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle. It is also a resource for becoming an informed activist to push for larger change around the world.

The tag line for my blog is “Reducing our impact one step at a time” because we are all in this fight together. We must reduce the human impact in addition to our individual footprints.

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