List Of Must Follow Low And Zero Wasters woman searches online to discover zero waste blogs promoting a sustainable lifestyle

List of Must Follow Low And Zero Wasters

Zero waste is a community, and I would be remiss if I didn’t give shout outs to my favorite fellow environmentalists and zero wasters who helped me learn to live more sustainably. Whether you prefer reading blogs and books, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling Instagram, these ladies have you covered!

1. Going Zero Waste – Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn started living zero waste after a cancer scare and realizing she should question the items she is putting in and on her body. She is probably the most influential zero waster online currently, and her blog is full of amazing articles on every aspect of sustainable living. I love that she posts “Good News Friday” pictures of environmental news headlines on her Instagram every week to keep her followers updated on policy and world events in addition to personal zero waste living.

2. Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson

Known as the founder of the zero waste movement, Bea Johnson has been living nearly waste free for over a decade! Her family of four and their dog generate less than a mason jar of landfill waste every year. Her book Zero Waste Home has been translated into over 25 languages. Check out her website for a bulk store locator or her Instagram for great zero waste inspiration!

3. Shelbizleee – Shelbi

Shelbi lives in Austin, Texas, and has a great YouTube channel focused on eco-friendly living. She even does a bit of dumpster diving to save items from going to landfill. I love her video series on trying to shop zero waste at “normal” grocery stores. Check out her channel, blog, and Insta!

4. Living Waste Free – Samantha White

Samantha White used to live in New Hampshire and then Australia, but now she lives in New Zealand. She is so real in her videos and doesn’t try to look like she’s perfectly zero waste or always makes the right choices. I love that because sometimes zero waste looks like you have to be a perfect mason jar trash carrier to be “good enough”, but that’s so not the case. Check out her awesome YouTube channel for a ton of great videos!

5. Sustainably Vegan – Immy Lucas

Immy lives in England and her videos are so calming and refreshing. She started the Low Impact Movement in 2018 to combat the idea that “zero waste” means you have to be zero. She didn’t like the guilt associated with not being perfect and recognizes everyone’s situations vary and some people have more opportunities than others. See what she’s all about on her YouTube channel and her Instagram!

6. Gittemary Johansen

Gittemary is a Danish zero waster who started her journey in 2015. She has a YouTube channel, a blog, and an Instagram. Her videos are always really fun to watch and upbeat. I love all her vegan food posts, and she’s even written a vegan recipe book. She really inspired me to start thrifting for my clothing and furniture.

7. My Plastic Free Life – Beth Terry

Beth’s book “Plastic Free” was the first book I read about zero waste living. What I love that she pushed to make the book itself is as plastic free as possible. It has a paper cover, no hard spine, and is bound with string. Her book is really inspiring and that’s why it’s top on my List of Must-Read Books on Sustainability. She started plastic free living in 2007 after seeing a photo of a dead albatross with a stomach full of plastic and knowing she had to do something about it. Check out her blog My Plastic Free Life and find yourself a copy of her book (check your library first!).

8. Litterless – Celia

Celia’s photos are to die for! They are so minimalist and clean. Her blog also has resources for finding grocery stores, places to compost, and where to shop online for bulk goods. After taking 2019 off to travel the world and start grad school, she has decided to stop writing blog posts, but her archives are full of great information.


Which zero wasters do you follow? Do you like blogs, videos, or Insta-pics the most? Tell me in the comments!

List Of Must Follow Low And Zero Wasters woman searches online to discover zero waste blogs promoting a sustainable lifestyle

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